Parenting can be an emotional roller coaster no matter how old your children are. During stressful parenting moments we may become so frustrated and let our emotions control our reactions. It happens so quickly and we aren’t thinking about how our children are perceiving us. We are modeling that this is how adults react to stress. If we choose to be more mindful by pausing before responding, we can teach kids that they, too, can pause and choose to respond instead of react. Let Lisa Cobb, LMSW show you how Mindfulness and EFT can relieve your own stress and worries, to become emotionally available and improve your relationship with your child.

Parenting Mindfully Workshop will address:

  • The aches, pains and exhaustion associated with parenting.
  • The body’s stress response
  • Emotional triggers – identify, regulate and calm strong emotional feelings
  • Awareness and response to your child’s needs, thoughts and feelings
  • How to avoid impulsive reactions and be less critical of yourself and your child.
  • How to be consciously present, build closer bonds and connections.

Learn how Mindfulness and EFT can relieve your own stress and worries, as well as how to teach it to your children at PremierMD+. Call 616-213-0253 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

In Good Health,
Lisa Cobb, LMSW Clinical Therapist, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, EFT Practitioner PremierMD+