Your mind and body are powerful allies. Have you ever stated, this stress is “killing me”? Have you ever felt that “pit” in your stomach before a big event? Or maybe butterflies when meeting someone for the first time? How about the racing of your heart when you are afraid or stressed? Have you ever said you feel the” weight of the world “on your shoulders? Have you felt “kicked in the gut” by someone’s words? Have you ever experienced a “broken heart” for someone or something? These are all examples of the mind-body connection, and science is now beginning to understand how our thoughts and feelings can directly affect our physical health.

Constant worry and stress over jobs, finances, or other problems can cause tense muscles, pain, headaches, and stomach problems. It may also lead to high blood pressure or other symptoms. Constant pain or a chronic health problem can affect your emotions. You might become depressed, anxious, and stressed, which could affect how well you treat, manage, or cope with your health.

Research supports the brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are each day.

Our personal attitudes, beliefs, ideas, opinions, perspectives, and emotional states can trigger chain reactions that affect blood chemistry, heart rate, blood pressure and the activity of every cell and organ in the body from the stomach and digestive tract to the immune system.

Avoiding stress and negative emotions all together probably is not realistic for any of us. Life happens. However, we can learn to experience not what life does TO us, but how we can learn to move our experiences THROUGH us. We do not have to hold on to any thought, feeling or behavior that is harmful anymore.

Mindfulness, meditation, and EFT Tapping all use the doorway of the present moment to restore your body and mind to their optimal functioning conditions. Meditation, along with mindfulness, has psychological effects, including relief of subjective levels of anxiety and depression, improved attention, concentration, and overall sense of well-being. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), when done properly, can remove emotional blockages, clear negative thoughts, ease and/or eliminate pain, and provide a greatly enhanced quality of life.

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In Good Health,
Lisa Cobb, LMSW Clinical Therapist, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, EFT Practitioner PremierMD+