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KPS - Renu Face Cream .5 Oz

For All Skin Types

If you're reading this, you're in the right place. Renū Face Cream brought us, top-50 models, like Ansley Guliemi (@ansleyguliemi), who uses KPS to stay camera-ready. Oh, and she's here to stay. Ansley has more than once popped into KPS Headquarters for A KPS facial on her way to Paris, Milan, or NYC Fashion Week when she quickly needs a perfect complexion. 

Formulated by a Rocket Scientist for maximum skin health, KPS Renu Cream increases your skin's moisture up to 185%; moisture is the number-one ingredient for beautiful skin. 

It's only up from here. Prep the skin with our Triple Cleansing Essentials, and Renū is now in Beast Mode. Or, choose from our Mask Collection for a weekly nutrient boost or upgrade to our Renū Vitamin C+ Serum, and your skin's going to launch. Either way, you're going to love how this product own's your complexion. 

Note: This product contains essential oils. If you have any sensitivities to essential oils you will want to order our Renū Naked Face Cream

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