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Premier MD+ is a custom, relationship-based healthcare option for patients seeking integrative care and functional medicine. In addition to providing collaborative care that supports optimal health and wellness for every patient, we offer practice management services for physicians who want to put the focus back on prevention and wellness.
Our Mission

At Premier MD+, it is our mission to shift the “sick fix” paradigm in healthcare, by providing better quality, holistic care to our patients in a way that is meaningful, and that helps support lifelong wellness.

Our Values

We value transparency and accountability, but above all, we value a healthcare system that supports patients and physicians by shifting the focus of care to prevention and wellness.

At Premier MD+, you won’t find physicians who gloss over symptoms or who don’t have time to listen to your story. Instead, you’ll find a complete care team dedicated to understanding and addressing the root causes behind your symptoms.

Our Goal

We start by giving our physicians smaller patient loads. Our physicians only see between 400-600 patients, significantly fewer than the industry standard of 2,000-3,000. This ensures every physician has the time they need to connect with you and truly understand what you’re going through.

In addition to minimizing our physicians’ patient load, we combine the very best from both Eastern and Western medicine practices. By incorporating proven alternative medicine services into our practice, alongside our traditional primary care providers, we’re able to better address root causes and get to the bottom of any obstacles blocking your wellness journey.

Our Services
At Premier MD+ you can expect truly collaborative care from a group of independent, like-minded physicians and practitioners who thoroughly listen to your health concerns, partner with you to treat the whole person, and offer alternative therapies.
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At Premier MD+ in Grand Haven, MI, Eastern and Western medicine meet to resolve the root causes of our patients’ symptoms. We know that your environment and your lifestyle are as much a part of your wellness as your genes and medical history, which is why we provide a variety of services to address any wellness concern. Our clinically trained team of specialists devote the time necessary to fully understand your needs, create and educate you in the treatment process to achieve exceptional outcomes.
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Customer Reviews

Foot Detox was AMAZING! My feet feel great and really affected the rest of my body positively! The sauna brought peace and total relaxation. I will return!


Wonderful place and wonderful people. I had a relaxing KPS facial last week, it felt so good and my face just glowed afterwards. They really spend time with you and explain what they are doing. I will...


I had botox and laser treatments with Andrea Vanbeek with excellent results. She explained the procedures to me in detail. She is a great, professional and kind person. Excellent work - would not go a...


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Premier MD+ is a relationship-based healthcare option providing custom collaborative care for optimal health and wellness for every patient. Contact us today.

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We’re always interested in expanding our team to medical professionals who are proponents of a holistic, integrative, and collaborative approach to health and medicine, providing care that is focused on prevention and wellness.

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